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  • What is the shelf life of the pickle?
    The shelf life of the pickle is 3 years if stored properly in a cool and dry place
  • What if i receive a broken bottle at the time of delivery?
    We have tested our packaging thoroughly so we promise you a safe delivery.But if by any chance you face any such order call our cutomer care number within 3 days of the delivery.We will get the bottle replaced.
  • Do you have a taster pack?
    Yes we do provide taster packs.
  • Do you deliver worldwide?
    We presently deliver only across India but very soon we will be launching our worldwide delivery as well.
  • Is there any preservative added to the pickle?
    Our pickle dont have any added preservatives. The spices that are added to the preservative help us in preserving the pickle.
  • What if I dont like the taste of the pickle? May I get a refund?
    We refund an unopened bottle within 7 days of the delivered date.But an opened bottle is non refundable.If you want to try our flavours we suggest you our trial packs.


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